Creating a stunning Centrepiece

Have you ever admired a floral design and wondered how to create it yourself?  

Today I am going to make a beautiful floral centrepiece with a step by step guide.


Materials required:

  • Clear plastic saucer
  • 1/2 Brick of floral foam
  • Clear tape                             
  • Tall glass vase
  • Submersible light
  • Crystals
  • Cellophane

Flowers and Foliage:

  • 1 bunch of Salal tips
  • 12 stems of large headed Roses
  • 7 stems of Calla Lilly
  • 12 stems of Freesia
  • 5 stems of Eryngium




First fill a container with clean water and some soluble plant food, drop the floral foam into the water to soak thoroughly.  Don’t push the floral foam down but let the water absorb.034

When thoroughly wet place in the clear saucer and tape over and round to make it secure.



Cut the Salal tips into short lengths and start placing in the floral foam to make a compact circular shape.


When you are happy that the floral foam is covered, give the foliage a liberal spray of leaf shine, and you are ready to place the flowers.

Start by placing the Roses evenly around the design, followed by the Eryngium.




calla lilly flowers


Next add the Calla Lilies, small tip – as the Calla Lilies have soft fleshy stems it is sometimes difficult to get them into the foam, I make a small hole with a stick and then it is easier to get the stem in.


centrepiece flowers

Add the Freesias to fill in the gaps.


Now it is time to assemble your design.

Take your tall glass vase and place a submersible light at the bottom

053 Cover the light with crystals


Fill the vase with scrunched cellophane



Fill the vase to the top with water


and place the design on top.

centrepiece calla lilly rose
Your design is complete and will be sure to be a talking point at your party.










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