Creating a beautiful casket funeral tribute

It is quite unusual for us to create funeral tributes.  However, occasionally we are asked to do them for family and friends,   I thought I would share with you the step by step guide with tips that I hope you will find helpful.


This particular floral tribute was to cover the full length of the casket, and was for a friend’s Mum, he asked for something really special that looked stunning and vibrant and as it was Easter time to be all Spring flowers.  These are my favourite flowers, they are fresh, colourful and have the most delicious perfumes.


flowers for funeral design


These are the materials I used:


1 x 90cm casket tray

2 x Large bunches of Salal

1 x wrap of Hyacinths Purple Star

2 x bunches of  Peony Coral Sunset

1 x wrap of Tulips Pretty Love

1  x wrap of Ranunculas Elegance Orange

1 x wrap of Freesia En Maya

1 bunch of Viburnum Opulus


To start, fill a large sink with clean water and a couple of spoonfuls of flowers food, place the casket tray upside down in the water and leave to soak the water up, if the sink isn’t large enough turn the tray around  that every part of the foam is soaked, don’t be tempted to pour water on top of it as it will not absorb the water properly and your design will dry out.

Place pieces of Salal around the base and fill in with pieces of different lengths until most of the foam is covered, and spray liberally with leaf shine

Now you are ready for the fun part, placing the flowers:  I always start with the largest blooms, in this case the Peony’s, place them evenly around all sides of your design, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical.

Next place the Hyacinths in the same way.  Hyacinths are one of many Spring flowers that are tricky to work with in floral foam as the stems are very thick and fleshy, I find it is easier if you insert your scissors into the foam first to make a gash, insert a kebab stick into the base of the Hyacinth stem for more support and then place in the floral foam.  

Tulips were added in, followed by Ranunculas and Freesia, all at varying lengths, some recessed, some trailing.  Note that Tulips carry on growing after cutting so it is advisable to leave them a little shorter than required.

Finally, I used one of my favourite Shrubs as a filler, Viburnum Opulus, these were cut short and tucked in between the flowers, the fresh bright green looked wonderful with the vibrancy of the other flowers.


complete floral arrangement

I had some wonderful comments after the funeral, especially because of the mix of perfumes from the Hyacinths and Freesias.  

It takes time and patience to create a large floral design like this, but find it very therapeutic and rewarding, and a fitting tribute of love and rememberance.


complete floral casket arrangement





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